Foresthill Series

Meet detective Victoria Smithton, also known as Vicky. If you thought living with two different identities was hard, Vicky will baffle you with her secret. Living her life as a human and a supernatural being, Vicky is having quite a blast with her life. Coming from a powerful family of witches and vampires, Vicky too, is a witch and a vampire, and a human..

Vicky’s grandma, a powerful witch got involved in a car accident, done intentionally by a serial killer known to hunt supernatural beings. His streak of killings have been mounting since a decade now, only to be revealed by this car accident. So far, Vicky has been guarded by the fairies in her town and the humans at her work. Her special house and her mage grandma had veiled her from all the vulnerabilities. But now that she is not around, Vicky is on an emotional train wreck, prone to all the possible dangers which include this serial killer who only hunts for the supernatural beings.

Things look normal as she is covert and successful at keeping her identities below the surface and away from the eyes of the normal humans, including Liam, a lieutenant who comes in the picture, moving towns after a divorce and is Vicky’s new partner on this case.

Liam and Vicky go undercover for the case both work with their allies; humans, fairies, elves, goblins, etc. to find the serial killer. Things are not as simple as they seem due to the strong network the killer has around, and Vicky along with her friends faces hurdles and goes through the hustle and bustle before finding clues which could uncover the prints of the killer. But the work needs strong network and information which only FBI could provide; thus, Liam and Vicky use their sources to work along with the FBI and get one step closer to track down the killer.

As their pursuit gains some progress, Vicky and Liam loosen up their strictly professional status and discover the love for each other. Although Liam and Vicky are tracing all the steps of the killer, some events unravel the uncertainties which are too bizarre for Vicky as her findings boggle her into looking for answers to the questions that she had not thought before.

The psychological impact is momentous on her as she struggles to keep on track without sidetracking from her emotions from time to time…