More than a designer company...

Welcome to Spaaij Design a company founded in 2023 by F. Spaaij. The love for specific prints, designing and creativity was the start of Spaaij Design.

All designs are created or commissioned by the Company. Yes some designs are commissioned to give aspiring designers a chance. Example of this is the Fairy collection designed by Alexia D. Miller of ADMCreations.

Everything is created on demand with on-demand what does this mean? This means that the moment you order a design, the production company starts producing the item. Production companies are spread all around the world to make shipping lines as short as possible. This is not possible with all products (example: shoes production is done in Asia) but overall the clothing will be produced as close as possible. This is better for the environment and creates less waste.

This means that clothing, shoes and accessories are indeed made especially for you!

Next to designing clothing Spaaij Design is also active in the Publishing world, creating book covers & formatting books (paperbacks, hardcover & epub) for more information about this click here.

If you have questions or your like to know more about Spaaij Design feel free to contact us via our social media channels or via our contact form.